One View of the WorldActionable DataWatch as it HappensSOLVE: Real Reporting. Real Time. Right Now.

One View of the World

SOLVE is unique in its ability to report because it connects directly to your existing security product databases eliminating the need to copy data and install new hardware.

Actionable Data

SOLVE provides you with data about the top threats you face, the top alerting systems, and whether or not your security controls are operating as desired. This information arms you with the necessary intelligence to refine detection and prevention policies for greater protection or less noise.

Watch as it Happens

With SOLVE, you’re up to the minute on how much malicious activity is being found in your environment, what machines are being attacked, and if there is a spike in systems affected indicating an outbreak in your business. By connecting directly to your security product databases, there’s no waiting to find out what happened.

SOLVE: Real Reporting. Real Time. Right Now.

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