SOLVE: Simple Online Visualization Engine – a visualization, reporting, analytics and tuning tool created by Security Experts for Security Experts.

SOLVE enables Critical Security, Risk, Compliance and IT Operations Initiatives
• For IT operations, SOLVE is the most efficient way to get real-time visibility into what security products are installed on every managed server and computer in the enterprise.
• For Security operations, SOLVE provides real time visibility into attacks as they happen.
• With SOLVE you can focus on immediate remediation of your biggest threats.

There are SOLVE modules available for:

• Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)
• Symantec Data Center Security (DCS)
• Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
• DELL Data Protection (DDP)

Each module connects directly to the database of the security application so that you can create baselines, reports and analysis of the data you want the way you want to see it.

SOLVE is unique in its ability to report because it connects directly to your existing security product databases eliminating the need to copy data and install new hardware. Data is displayed as it’s happening for any number of different security products. You can see if your security products are properly configured and deployed everywhere they need to be. Extensive drill-down views
allow you to see the granular detail for all your products. SOLVE is exceptionally easy to customize, so you can compare security products or assets in virtually any way you want.

SOLVE provides you with data about the top threats you face, the top alerting systems, and whether or not your security controls are operating as desired.  This information arms you with the necessary intelligence to refine detection and prevention policies for greater protection or less noise. It also provides you with the insight to identify systems that are consistently offline or non-reporting. You can drill down instantly to the detail data on these systems for remediation.

With SOLVE, you’re up to the minute on how much malicious activity is being found in your environment, what machines they are attacking, and if there is a spike in systems affected indicating an outbreak in your business. Now you can take immediate steps to contain the threats by shutting down a portion of the network or other appropriate measures.




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